Schedule and Pricelist

See Our schedule and pricing below

Great news, we have online and in-studio class options.

Now offering your first session free for Kamloops residents!

How to register for class times:

To register for classes this is what you need to do:

Go to and download the app on your phone. (you can also just register on the website without the app).

Go to sign-up and create a free account (quite a few Kamloops businesses are using this app so you may use this for a few businesses).

Once you have an account go to fitness and search “Diverse Training Center”.

When you find our page go to “classes” and pick the class you want to come to.

Follow instructions to register for the class and make sure to check out. You can also contact us.


Our online workouts are included in your monthly memberships. If you are a punch card user, this is an add on, we now have options for you to join the classes as well so let us know if you want access to these classes. We have 1 live class per week and we do record them so you can use the workouts at your convenience. 

If you would like to join in on our live workouts, this is what you need to know:

  1. Download the “Zoom” app on your phone, tablet or laptop (the app is a blue and white colour). The app is free.
  2. Before the workout time make sure you are logged in the app, I will post and email the access link to the workout 15min before the scheduled time. Make sure to email us if you would like to receive the links to our live workouts. Before the scheduled time click on the link to get yourself set up.
Memberships: W/ GST
1 month $150.00 $157.50
No Commitment Monthly $125.00/month $131.25
  • Minimum 2 months.
  • 1 month written notice to cancel.
1 year commitment $115.00/month $120.75
  • Eligible to a 1-month hold within the year. A 1-month notice is required.
  • Can be canceled short of the year if:
    • Change of address outside of the city of Kamloops.
    • Written doctors note stating you are unable to perform any physical activity for the duration of your membership.
Punch cards: W/ GST
10 session $180 $189
20 session $300 $315
Personal training:
1 session $75.00
4 sessions $280 ($70/session)
8 sessions $520 ($65/session)
12 sessions $720 ($60/session)
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