Nutritional Coaching

Diverse offers nutritional advice which includes custom meal plans based on your individual goals and accountability coaching. As we know, for the majority of people, exercise alone is not enough to create lasting weight loss and health benefits. To create a truly holistic approach to health and fitness we have added nutritional services.

Sofya Young is a Healthy Eating & weight loss Coach (HWL) with the Canadian Fitness Professionals Association and has a passion for healthy foods and nutrition. She will work on setting goals and come up with a plan to incorporate healthy eating habits into your daily routine as well as creating a custom meal plan if you choose. Our products and pricing are listed below:


Nutrition Consult:

This one on one session will provide you with direction and clarity putting you on the right path towards your goals whether you need accountability or an eating plan. This session is $50.00 for the hour and is included in the custom meal plan if you choose to go that direction.


Custom Meal Plan:

Let us help create you a custom meal plan to meet your specific goals, as well as give you the tools you need to track your progress. This package includes 2 one on one sessions, the completed meal plan and any correspondence needed to get started. During the sessions we will discuss everything you need to know to eat healthy creating a clear step by step path to your goals. The price of this package is $250.00 which includes all materials and time related to your program.


Accountability Coaching:

For a lot of people, the biggest challenge is not necessarily the lack of knowledge regarding nutrition but the lack of accountability. These sessions will help with guidance, support and mindset keeping you motivated and inspired to keep pushing forward whether you check-in once a week or once a month. With the use of food journals, BMI/ muscle density testing and adjustment with food intake it has never been easier to stay on track. This package is approximately $80.00 per month based on 20min check-ins 4x per month but is customizable to suit your schedule.